Moisture Protection - Waterproofing and Air & Vapor Barriers

Grace Structural Waterproofing - Pioneering structural waterproofing solutions
Grace Air & Vapor Barriers - Powerful protection against moisture, vapor and air
Henry Dampproofing - for areas that do not require complete waterpoofing protection

New England Fireproofing uses W.R. Grace’s line of moisture protection products to protect commercial and residential structures from the damaging effects of weather and water.

Product Description Information
Procor 75 Waterproofing data sheet
Perma-barrier liquid Air & Vapor Barrier data sheet
Preprufe Below slab, pre-applied protection data sheet
Hydroduct 220 Drainage and Protection data sheet

Procor 75 – Waterproofing
Use of Procor Accelerates Construction Schedules
- Bonds to green concrete and damp surfaces – can be applied as soon as forms removed
- No primer required and applied with minimum of surface preparation
- Fast spray application time - one pass application – up to 4 times faster than sheet applications
- Same day application of Hydroduct or Protection Boards
- Quick-cure time - 24 hours or less – can be backfilled after 24 hours of application
- Fast detail work – fluid consistency conforms to complex geometries

Procor's unique chemistry provides outstanding performance
- Fully bonded - water cannot track beneath membrane
- Monolithic and seamless - ensures continuous waterproofing integrity
- Rubber based, flexible, elastomeric - accommodates movement and bridges cracks
- No loss of thickness - wet film thickness = dry film thickness
- Low temperature application - down to 20 degrees F - ideal for New England’s climate
- Asphalt free - no harmful solvents, no noxious fumes, doesn’t become brittle with age
- Versatile - easy to use at drains, pipe penetrations, inside and outside corners, etc.

Preprufe - Below slab, pre-applied protection
Provides complete waterproofing protection
- Complements Procor and Perm-A-Barrier Liquid to form a complete waterproofing envelope
- Provides a below-slab barrier to water, moisture and gas
- Forms unique, continuous bond to concrete poured against it
- Fully-adhered watertight laps and detailing
- Self-protecting – can be trafficked immediately after application
- Simple and quick to install
- World class Grace sales and technical support provided

Hydroduct Drainage Composite - Drainage and Protection
Protects membrane and prevents build-up of water pressure
- Protects waterproofing membrane during backfilling operations
- Eliminates hydrostatic pressure buildup by channeling water away from foundation
- High flow capacity – drains 16 gals/minute/ft. width
- Geotextile fabric filter – allows water to flow in drain core while restricting soil particles
- Economical - eliminates need for imported aggregate drainage layers

Henry Dampproofing - above water table moisture protection
- For below-grade dampproofing of walls and foundations
- Can be used above-grade to provide a “breathable” moisture barrier, used for dampproofing the exterior walls in cavity wall construction
- Excellent for lining concrete and masonry planters
- May be used on "green", uncured, or damp surfaces
- Cold applied, corrosion resistant
- Resilient—does not crack, alligator, run or sag
- Contains no solvents.

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