New England Fireproofing uses the leading cementitious and intumescent fireproofing products to protect commercial structures from the damaging effects of fire.

- Grace Monokote® Fireproofing - The world's most widely specified spray applied cementitious fireproofing
- Cafco Intumescent Paint - Intumescent fireproofing for Exposed Steel

Grace Construction's Cementious Fireproofing Product Line
Product Description Information
MK-6 Standard, Low Density data sheet
Z-106 Medium Density data sheet
Z-146 High Density data sheet
Z-3306 Thermal Barrier (applied over foam insulation) data sheet
MK-6 - Standard (Low) Density
Uses - interior, concealed applications in all steel structural buildings:
- Low cost/ease of application
- Ratings up to 4 hours
- Resists damage from air erosion and abrasion
- Gypsum-based formulation contains no mineral fibers
- No topcoat or surface sealer required

Z-106 - Medium Density
Uses - interior, exposed applications such as:
- Parking garages
- Light manufacturing facilities
- Elevator shafts
- Swimming pool areas
- Mechanical/utility rooms
- Damage-resistant surface resists air erosion, abrasion and impact damage
- Withstands traffic, high humidity and condensation
- Low cost/ease of application

Z-146 - High Density
Uses - interior or exterior exposed applications such as:
- Parking garages
- High-tech clean rooms
- Chip fabrication facilities
- Transportation terminals
- Heavy manufacturing facilities
- Gymnasiums and sport facilities
- Elevator shafts and stairwells
- Mechanical/utility rooms
- Tough, concrete-like surface resists air erosion, abrasion and impact damage
- Releases no particulate matter or volatile organics to interfere with sensitive computer chip manufacturing environments
- Suitable for exterior exposure - resists freeze/thaw, wind and rain
- Withstands traffic, high humidity and condensation

Z-3306 - Thermal Barrier
Uses - interior, over exposed urethane and polystyrene foam plastic applications such as:
- Breweries, freezers and coolers
- Controlled atmosphere apple, potato and vegetable storage
- Ice arenas and recreation centers
- Indoor tennis courts and swimming pools
- Other agricultural buildings
- Water treatment plants
- Proven Fire Test Performance (meets UL requirements as a thermal barrier over foam plastics for up to 30 minutes)
- Economical - Ease of installation makes Z-3306 a low cost way to protect foam plastics
- Damage resistant - dries to a hard, durable surface which resists damage
- Humidity resistant - can be used in high humidity conditions

Cafco Intumescent Paint Product Line
Product Description Information
WB-3 Interior intumescent fireproofing data sheet
WB-4 Exterior intumescent fireproofing data sheet
CAFCO SprayFilm® Thin Film Intumescent Systems give architects the ability to design using steel that can be decorative and aesthetically pleasing! The SprayFilm coating can be color coated to match the surroundings and allow steel to be left exposed to view while providing the required fire resistive rating. Structural steel no longer needs to be hidden behind ceiling and gypsum board!

Common Applications:
- Lobbies/vestibules
- Atriums
- Museums
- Airports, Rail and Bus Depots
- Glass curtainwall facades
- Glass stairwells

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