Acoustical and Thermal Insulation

New England Fireproofing offers a variety of spray applied thermal and acoustical insulation solutions including:

  ♦ Pyrok - acoustical insulation
  ♦ Thermocon - thermal and acoustical insulation

Pyrok - Acoustical insulation

Pyrok’s acoustical products are used wherever decorative plaster finishes, sound absorption, durability and low maintenance are required.

Pyrok Acoustement Plaster 20 - 22 lbs PCF gypsum-based formulation used for interior applications where contact or high abuse is not a requirement. Acoustement Plaster 20 has the capability to be our smoothest finish (although not plaster smooth) and still retain its sound absorption. Ideal for drywall substrates, Acoustement Plaster 20 can be applied to a variety of unpainted substrates. (see data sheet)

Pyrok Acoustement Plaster 40 - 40 lbs PCF gypsum plaster formulation used for interior applications where contact and moderate abuse may occur. When used in contact areas (low wall surfaces), the semi-smooth finish and 1-2 coats of paint are recommended. Ideal for drywall substrates, Acoustement Plaster 40 can be applied to a variety of unpainted.  (see data sheet)

Pyrok Acoustement 40 - 41 lbs PCF Portland cement formulation suitable for interior and exterior applications to unpainted concrete, metal deck, structural steel, concrete block and other substrates containing Portland cement. This product has high abuse resistance and can be used in wet, high humidity and acidic atmosphere applications. (see data sheet)

Thermocon - Thermal and acoustical insulation

ThermoCon is a two component insulation product consisting of specially milled cellulose fibers treated with fire retardant chemicals and a high performance adhesive designed to provide exceptional noise reduction, condensation control and outstanding thermal control.  It is designed to be spray applied to most any surface that can be painted with latex paint, including wood, metal, concrete, brick, glass and polyurethane foam.  ThermoCon has been used for over three decades in hospitals, churches, indoor swimming pools, underground parking facilities, and other projects.

ThermoCon’s seamless application provides an R-Value of 3.7 per inch and is a significant barrier to air infiltration, convection and radiation in both hot and cold environments, thereby reducing heating and cooling costs.  ThermoCon provides superior thermal resistance by creating a monolithic seal with the use of hollow interlaced fibers sprayed in place with no seams or voids.

ThermoCon has the ability to absorb sound instead of reflecting it thereby reducing the reverberation time. A one-inch application of ThermoCon will absorb up to 75% of the sound caused by the reverberations from hard surfaces such as walls, ceilings and floors. ThermoCon is effective over a broad range of frequencies at varied thickness. (website info)

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