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New England Fireproofing offers reliable fireproofing, moisture protection and thermal/acoustical services to the commercial construction industry. New England Fireproofing uses only the best available products to ensure maximum protection of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

NEF's applied fireproofing services protect the structural integrity of commercial buildings. NEF's waterproofing and air/vapor barrier services increase energy efficiency and insulate structures from the harmful effects of water. NEF's thermal/acoustical services provide thermal and sound control solutions for buildings.

Fireproofing Waterproofing
Air & Vapor Barriers Pre-applied
below slab waterproofing

Rely on a company that has served the New England commercial construction industry for 23 years.

Mission Statement

To successfully provide superior fireproofing, moisture protection, and thermal/acoustical services to northern New England.


New England Fireproofing has been providing cementitious fireproofing services to northern New England since 1986. During that time, NEF has successfully worked with most of the general contractors, from small to large, servicing northern New England. In recent years, NEF has expanded its offerings to include intumescent paint fireproofing and commercial and residential waterproofing and air/vapor barriers services.

Since the beginning, NEF's mission has been to perform jobs on time and with unsurpassed quality. That same commitment endures today.

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